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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Florence - Updated

Yes, Iàve survived the rains of Venice and made it to Florence! Venice was absolutely AMAZINg but I must stay I tired of the rain. More than once did I pull up my pant legs to wade out from my hotel in the a.m. But, it was very neat to see and watch and learn and eat. Iàve met a few folks that have been fun for late night chats and smokes and giggles.

Got into Florence about an hour ago - the hostel I wanted to stay it, for Iàve heard itàs very social (and cheap) and has FREE internet etc etc was full, so Iàm at a hotel next door, but hopeful,y only for tonight. Itàs absolutely beautiful weather here - no coat! Which is a nice change from the constant chill that Venice had.

But seriously, besides the rain and the wetness of Venice, it was amazing. I did not take any gondala rides, as 1) Iàm far too cheap, 2) I didnàt see many actually running, and 3) I took the cheaper vaporetti (ferry) everywhere I needed to be. Of course, I walked a lot too, and part of the fun is in getting lost and seeing things you wouldnàt see if you stayed on the natural path. I saw some glass-makers at Murano yesterday - was told that itàs 40 years in the biz to become a professional. And the glass works were amazing, of course. Burano had brightly painted houses amidst bridges and water and sunsets and handmade lace, that was beautiful also, of course.

I plan on taking a quick trip to Pisa - gotta see that leaning tower - and perhaps do some shopping while Iàm here as well. Thereàs the Effuzi, of course, to see, and David (the closest thing to a naked man Iàll have in quite some time), and probably a couple more churches and museums along the way also.

Iàve taken roll after roll of pictures and am hoping that some of them are halfway decent. Iàll be scrounging around for help with a photo blog when Iàm back, so you techies, consider yourselves warned!


Sunday, 6pm

Okay, since I canàt get AOL to work (ah, but later I did), you folks are the only one that will benefit of my time at the computer. I am at the hostel in Florence and have had a BUSY day! Iàve seen the ponte viechhio (sp), watched and listened to a man in a tux play flute on the bridge, took a bus ride alll around the city and into phase'illo (not what itàs called, but itàs howit sounds), seen Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada shops, went to the museo with David, saw the bronze David nearby - not even a close comparison - decided not to wait in the 2hr line for the Effuzi museu, and it seems like thereàs more, but thatàs about it. One of these days Iàm going to find that goddamn apostrophe symbol on the european keyboard! (yeah, so I did, but I'm not about to edit this message! You'll love me anyway...right?)

Had the MOST amazing dinner last night - vegetable soup, bread, salad, a quarter liter of wine, and veal scallopine (yummy lil cows) for a measly £10 or whatever the euro sign is. I console myself with thinking Iàm walking quite a bit, which I am, but the food is to. die. for.

Back in less than a week. Hope ya'll are being good to each other (with the exception of Jamie & Geek, who I hope are being BAD! to each other).

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