Corporate Peon: Shorts

Friday, November 05, 2004


1. Not shorts as in, short pants, but shorts, as in snippets.

2. I've had two yummy pumpkin-ish muffin tops today, with powdered sugar on them. MMMM!

3. I (stupidly) agreed to (stupid) dinner plans tonight with some married friends of mine. They're nice people, and we get together every month or so, and I'm sure it will be a good time, it's just stupid, bad timing. Not to mention, since we're eating near my place, and they've never been to my place, I (stupidly) offered to have (stupid) dessert back at my (stupid) place. The place is sorta clean, though the (stupid) dishwasher ain't working too well, so dishes are lining the counter, waiting to be handwashed, and I need to pick up a dessert and some beer after work...ugh! But, I figured when making the plans, that I probably wouldn't be packing during that time ANYWAY, so might as well enjoy myself!

4. I'm done with work. Have managed to get some things done today despite my objections to working. I have NO motivation and the woman across the aisle from me, who's taken one of my projects, is driving me batty. If she's got the project now...she should handle it how she wants! I don't need to hear how she's going to do or not do certain things. I really am out the door, mentally, already.

5. I did 5 loads of laundry last night. I dream of the day I'll have my own washer and dryer.

6. I've decided that I will write about my almost-lesbian experience. It's not as hot as it sounds, and I totally chickened out because the woman really annoyed me, but it's gotta happen sooner or later, right? Right?

7. YAY!!!!!! I just got confirmation for my hotel in Milan! Nothing like the last minute, right? I mean, I'll only need a place to sleep come SUNDAY! I would do the hostel route but I've heard many bad things from many different sources about the few hostels Milan has to offer. So, I'm doing a hotel. It's a bit more expensive than I would have liked, but breakfast is included, I'll have my own room and bathroom, and it will offer some security. So I'm fine with that!
More later, perhaps...

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