Corporate Peon: Yawn

Friday, November 05, 2004


I'm tired. I know I said I would write about my near-lesbian experience, but that'll have to wait until morning. I had dinner out tonight with my married friends, S & M (seriously) from college. They are one married couple that I like, both individually and together. It was going to be an early dinner - the plan was to meet at 6 - but stupid S was late so we didn't get outta there until around 9ish.

Then, it was back to my place for beer and store-bought pie. This is actually one of the first times I've had anyone non-family to my place. Sure, my best friend has been here, and there was that asshole I was seeing this spring, but...that's it. There are reasons for that, but they're boring and long and I'm not going there now.

So anyway, now it's almost 11pm, and I'm tired, and I still haven't packed, and I'm going to bed.

I'll be sure and post SOMETHING before I leave you all tomorrow!

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