Corporate Peon

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I made stuffed pork chops last night. I don't think the one I ate was completely cooked prior to my eating it. In fact, I know it wasn't, b/c I finally turned on a light and looked at it. And no, I stopped eating it once I realized, may have been too late. I'm borderline nauseus just thinking about it.

Lots of fun brewing in CubeLand. SRG was crying again yesterday, leading Boss to ask me to do part of her (SRG) work. Ah, fun. Clients complained to me yesterday about SRG, saying they didn't think she was capable of leading their projects. All they can do is document and let Boss know. Shrug. That's not my problem.

Boss did confirm that I have a compliance project though, even though SRG has officially taken on all the compliance projects. Boss asked me how my workload is and if she can help at all. I laughed out loud at that. Um, let's about YOU start doing YOUR job, and then MY workload will be much more manageable.

Bowling with work this afternoon; means I'm in jeans now and will have lunch out and then the afternoon off. I'm going to scout locales for my rendezvous tomorrow night. Yep, the Peon's gonna get some. As long as they don't let us out of here early tomorrow, in which case I'll go up to the 'rents for the weekend. Otherwise, if I don't go up...I'll go down. :)

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