Corporate Peon: Inspection

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Well, the foundation's still in one place. Maybe a little cracked, but I think over time, things should settle back down and those cracks should heal.

Yeah, the windows are a bit cloudy - can't really see inside. It's almost like they're covered with a really thick smoke. (Cups hand around eyes, flush against window) I can't see in; I wonder if anyone can even see out?

(Bangs on the wall) Looks like the walls have been reinforced. See how much thicker they are now? Even looks like...oh, sure, see how there are barbs at the top? Those weren't there before. I bet they're to help keep everything in that's in and everything out that's out.

Everything's definitely been shaken up a bit. It's gone through a lot. Hard to tell how much damage really took place. Just gotta wait it out and see.

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