Corporate Peon: Weekend Crap

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Weekend Crap

Had fun looking at cars with BBB yesterday. Didn't find any I love, though, so I'm still looking. I hate the research part of making big purchases.

He seems to think I need a car now; something about my current ride burning oil. Hmph. And while he's right that if I take my car in for any sort of check-up, they'll find about $2000 worth of needed repairs...well, I get around that by not taking my car in. Problem solved, right?

He did tell me I look 16. Fucker. I tried to bargain up to at least 17, but I don't think he bought it.

He's a strange one, that man. We talked about his reluctance to marry work relationships with personal relationships, yet we spend quite a bit of time together outside of work. And he offered to teach me to drive a stick (insert randy joke here), something I'm not comfortable enough with to buy a manual drive.

Whatever. Vacation will be good; I need to distance myself.


Ran random errands today: bought trashy novels for vacation (yay for used books at the local library for $.50 each); got my prescriptions in order; took a long, yummy nap; paid lots of bills.


Saw 'The Wedding Date' today. Eh. Almost worth the $2 I paid. Dermot Mulroney is a snack.


I've commissioned a painting from Kate. It's the monster with a cupcake on her arting blog and will guard my kitchen. I'm very excited about it; it will be 11 x 15 and in pinks and oranges. Yay!


I'm dreading these next few days; the week before vacation is always hard at work. My tolerance is pretty thin these days, but I just need to keep it in check for four more days. Four long days; expect many peeves.

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