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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cleaning House

Last week, I cleaned out numbers from my cell phone that I haven't called (or been called from) in months. (I originally wrote 'been called by,' but of course that's not right, for numbers never call anyone. See how that works?) About 12 sets of digits hit the dust. There's one more I should get rid of, but that number has been used lately. It just...shouldn't have been.

You ever notice how the more you try to hold on to something, the faster it slips away?

I also went through my online bookmarks and deleted sites that I don't visit anymore. Some folks stopped updating as often as I wanted, and I got tired of constantly checking. Others were just things I kept tabs on, that I don't need to anymore.

Sometimes I just need to take stock of things in my life - be they phone numbers I'm holding on to, or websites, shoes or people - and see what kind of value they're adding. If you only bring me down, or only invoke negative feelings in me - why should I keep you around? If I only feel poorly around or because of you - then I don't need that. I'm more than capable of making myself feel poorly; take your brand of it elsewhere.

The flip side is - or, perhaps, a flip side - is the value I add to others' lives. Who knows what that is? Is that for me to worry about? I have enough to worry about, you need to do some, too, you know.

If I don't add value to your life, cut me off. That's what I do, why should you be any different?

There are different types of values, and different types of people, and we don't all do it for everyone else. I might be the bee's knees (not to put too fine a point on it / say i'm the only bee in your bonnet) to someone, while at the same exact moment in time, be the devil incarnate to someone else. And that's all okay.

Are you okay?

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