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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bottom of the Ninth...

Yesterday was long but fun. I took the bus down to the game from the office, with BBB & another teammate. I figured others would be taking the bus, as who wants to pay $40 for parking and deal with Wrigleyville traffic? I was sadly mistaken.

But the bus was convenient and the stadium seats were decent. Apparently 500 tickets had been given to employees but we didn't even see a fraction of the people. My group sat together, so I had a few smartass guys to liven things up. Had a yummy strawberry daiquiri and some salty nachos. Mmm, processed cheese.

The other girl with us is Russian and had never been to a baseball game before. There's a guy in our group who has Cubs season tickets and takes days off from work to go to the games. So he was hardcore into it and spent time explaining the game to the Russian, which was funny to listen to.

The game, if you didn't know, was the Cubs against Arizona. The Cubs were winning after the first two innings, but then stayed down until the last chance they had. Two outs and they pulled a double to win, 4-3. It was pretty fun.

I went to a White Sox game a couple years ago and remember it as quieter and just not as lively. This was a lot more upbeat, a lot more fun. I don't care who's a better team or who wins or any of that shit. I just thought it was more fun to see the Cubs.

After the bus dropped us back at the office, I went to a local bar/restaurant to meet a couple old coworkers for drinks.

And when I say old...I mean that I used to work with them. And that they're old. They're two guys, K and D, in their late 40s and early 50s respectively. They each hvae three kids - Ds are my age - and D is widowed, while K has a shitty relationship with his wife.

The boys are fun. D doesn't really 'get' it and has a work ethic that sucks, but K and I work similarly and well together. We had a few drinks and a couple appetizers and alternately made fun of D, K, me, D some more, and then D again. Nice and relaxing.

Not too bad for a workday, eh?

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