Corporate Peon

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Enough of this introspective, serious thinking shit for now. Ya'll want pictures, right?

Well, I don't have pics of the wedding yet. But I do have other pictures for your enjoyment...

Such as our dear friend Lois Lane and her very fuckable husband.

You can't blame her for jumping him in front of me, can you?!?!

Or what about the monster girl Aimee's sister Kate made? She guards my kitchen quite nicely!

It's a good size painting, but it looks rather small there.

This is the cake I decorated a while back, copied from one I saw in a magazine. I ended up throwing a good part of it out - what was left after taking it into work and then spending a week or two in my freezer. If I didn't pitch it, I was gonna eat it, and there was no need for that!

There are a few lagging Costa Rica pictures, including much better waterfall shots than I had previously. Here's one, for example:

Here's a pic of one of the souvenirs I bought while there. No idea what to call it, as you can use it for everything, but this one was saved for my wall. It's now hanging in my bedroom, adding some color.

Otherwise, just pics of my girls from my bday celebration and a few of my weekend in Madison. I have a(nother) work outing this Friday, so there will be pics taken there in an effort to finish that role and get my wedding shots developed.

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