Corporate Peon: Finish Line - UPDATED!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Finish Line - UPDATED!

*** Update at the top cuz it's so good! ***

I just found out that the Violent Femmes will be performing Saturday night at a festival near me. I'm SO THERE!

Who wants to come with???
I hate endings. I never know if it's a good thing things end or not. And sometimes things end before they start, and I never know what to do with that, either.

I joined eHarmony last night, as the blog material from the other site was dwindling. So far eH has found me three 'matches.' Oh, boy. I've contacted one of them but I'm not hopeful.

Maybe that's part of the problem.
Dreamt last night that I had a baby. As in, gave birth. And the baby was, of course, BBB's. He remained unfazed. It wasn't until I realized that the baby was all WHITE that I realized I must have misjudged how far along I was and that the baby really belonged to Ex.

Which is strange considering I haven't slept with him in 2+ years.

I had no idea what to do with a baby. I picked it up and held it when I got worried b/c it wasn't moving from the blankets. It didn't cry at all and I was worried it was dead. When I offered, it nursed, but at one point I was convinced it was a doll.

I know, I know...lay off the crack before bedtime.
I did not go to running group last night - it was pouring. So I left work early and went shopping with a friend instead. She spent $200+; I spent $30. I like that balance. Besides, she makes way more than I do, which she pointed out last week in a conversation we were having.

I was mildly surprised at her comment. She's been here 4x as long as I have; she's 15yrs older. She SHOULD be making more than I.

But then I realize that she spends hundreds of dollars each weekend at the casinos and really has no money saved at all and I feel better about myself.
My new job is going through. As of 8/15, I will be '50/50' - half-time in the old job, half-time in the new. Do you have any idea how much that will suck? BIG TIME. But that will only be for two weeks; I'll be full-time in the new job as of 9/1.

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