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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Kiss Off Into the Air...

I've liked the Violent Femmes for years. I remember driving around in high school with my friend Kelly, covertly smoking and shouting out the lyrics. Her skater boyfriend Rob had turned her onto them, but it was music I had already known and forgotten. Since then, they've stayed a part of my life.

It was a nice little street fair. Swanky shops are on both sides of the streets and they had closed the street down, allowing for food and beer tents, plus the usual airbrush tattoo booths and whatnot. Some of the shops are smaller, kind of obscure, so I hope they had good exposure this weekend. I had been surprised the Femmes were playing, as it's not really that kind of neighborhood. But surprisingly, the crowd was into it.

People everywhere were singing along, clapping, yelling. It was a tame audience - more kiddy strollers than probably ever before at one of their shows - but people were definitely enjoying themselves. Except for the asshole behind me at one point who yelled "no" to "Do you like American music?' I gave him a dirty look. Punk.

Anyway, they played all my favorites - started with Out the Window, did American Music, Blister in the Sun, and their encore was Kiss Off. They sounded great, which I hadn't been sure of, since they're in their 40s. And I'm not saying that's old, and certainly by some band standards, that's quite young, but you never know. At any rate, they definitely can still play.

The guy who met me there was from one of the online personals spots. We've been IM'ng this past week or so and he seemed nice enough. I debated inviting him to the show b/c I really just wanted to enjoy the music, but then I thought having someone fun to enjoy it with could be a nice change.

He's just...dull. No chemistry from me whatsoever. He's 5'1, which he didn't lie about, but it's really too short in person. Also, he has bad teeth - lotsa gaps. Sorry, it's a turn off. Smart enough, good conversationalist, but...he also kept touching me. An arm on the back, a pat on the arm during conversation...ick. No. If I don't know you, don't touch me.

I know it's a sign of interest, but geez...that was our first meeting. It's like, all the things girls watch themselves for with guys to not show they're needy, he did. The touching. The use of the pronoun 'we.' "We need to get you an ipod!" No. No, we don't. Not to mention, during the concert, he kept standing almost behind me and to the side. Dude. Buddy. NEXT to me. Cuz you can't see over me, so what the fuck? He also said I was in a daze at one point. Um. No. Eyes are focused on the band, dude.

He also kept asking what I thought or if he met my expectations. SO awkward. I would never ask that kind of question. I gave some bland answer about not having many expectations, or some such. He told me I'm a sweet girl and wants to "do this again" sometime, to which I said friends. I don't think that's what he wanted to hear, but that's too bad. I wasn't feeling it at all.

So the concert was great and the boy was not. One outta two ain't bad.

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