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Monday, August 01, 2005

Good News!

I had decided I was going to Richmond, VA for a weekend to visit my best college gf. Actually, at this point, she's my only college gf, but that's irrelevant.

Tickets were cheapish, but I thought I had something at home that would save me $20. So I didn't purchase the ticket on Friday.

Monday, I come back in to work to buy my ticket (duh - like I actually WORK here) and found that the prices had jumped about $100. So in an attempt to save $20, I screwed myself.

So I checked every day and then I got kind of annoyed. My gf has, like, 10 days off a year. Some of that time is allocated to a Christmas visit. I had hoped she could take a day off when I came to visit, but I just found out she had taken two days off to go out of town last weekend and wasn't sure if she would have enough time to take a day when I came out.

Hello! I'm spending money to come see you! Make an effort here, please!

Anyway, today I checked United (before I even got the Travelzoo email announcing United's big sale) and found a GREAT deal on my ticket! Not to mention, gf said she'd take Friday off, so I am going out there Thursday night. Yay!

So, to recap, I have: 1. A good deal on airfare, 2. A long weekend with my gf, 3. No resentment because she will take time off to hang with me.

Yay!!! I love cheap airfare. And good friends. And combining the two just makes me giggle uncontrollably. I actually did a little dance in my cube before.

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