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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Life As I Know It

Thursday after work there was a gathering at a local dive bar with the new work group. I stayed far longer than I had expected, but left before the place closed down.

The new group proves to be a fun group. A lot of younger people in the mix, which should be fun. Since I've known them all from working with them (just not beside them) the past 9 months, I already have relationships built, which means I can pretty easily jump into the roll.

There are a couple fun people that I'll like getting to know better. No one eligible, but I learned Thursday that they are friends with an employee in a different area of the company who I found quite attractive. We'll see if he has any personality if I ever get to talk to him outside of the bar scene.
As my entire cube is packed up, I did some email from home Friday morning before meeting people for our last outing of the summer, an architecture cruise on the Chicago River. This was a very small group and quite light-hearted. BBB was there, as was the Russian guy I like (who bought me a beer on the boat) and we all had a good time. The weather was great and the cruise was interesting.

After that was lunch at a spot on Navy Pier - good BBQ, relaxing atmosphere, and company-paid for. Can't beat that.

The bus took us back to the office, where I ran home to clean, as my sister & BIL were coming down to spend the night.
This is the first time they've done that - usually, they have the dogs to care for and some social engagements. But, they roped S (the girl staying with them this summer) into dog-duty and got down here around 7pm for a mini-vacation.

I bought beer and (way too many) appetizer dishes, and we gorged and talked and watched random TV.

Today, we ate breakfast at a local place they know and like, then went to Costco - my sister's idea of a treat. BIL and I tried to rein her in a bit, but alas - money was spent in excess. I guess that's the point, though, right?

After that, we came back to my casa to nap a little, and more random conversation and TV watching ensued. After lunch we went to IKEA - again, my sister's idea of fun - since that's also on their way out of town.
I bought nothing today but a soda at IKEA and coffee for the two addicts this morning. I guess that means I'm no fun.
I love my sister. Dearly. But I don't always like her. I've been trying for a couple weeks now to put into words what's been going on between us lately, but I always come up short. She's a great person. I just wish...I guess I just wish she could get into my head a little bit. Alas, she probably wishes the same thing, and neither one of us is holding our breath.
Tomorrow I think I will spend shopping for clothes for next week's high school reunion. Not trying to impress anyone, but I would like to look sharp.
This will be another busy week. I have no idea if my boxes at work will be moved to the new building Monday morning or not. If they aren't, I will be crabby, as I'll have to unpack a whole lot to make it through the day (pens, mouse, paper, folders, etc).
Just not feeling the whole blogging thing these days. Too much I've been trying to say without any luck; the thoughts don't stop coming, but the words don't translate into type.

I'll be around.

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