Corporate Peon: Stand & Gobble

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Stand & Gobble

I believe I was stood up tonight. Someone better have a damn good excuse.

I'm back in the shitty world of online dating. Ryan, who looks cute from his pic and seems normal, was supposed to meet me for a drink tonight after his class.

Which means I didn't drink after work. And I didn't work out after work. I sat around and looked at porn and watched TV and wasted about 3 hours.

And then, even though 9:30 is later than I wanted, I was at the bar. Waiting.

I think a guy who used to be a very very good friend of mine was there, but I didn't catch his eye on purpose, because I was embarrassed about sitting there alone. If strangers see me, I don't care, but a little embarrassing to explain to an old fling who is now married to an old friend.

I had one beer there and am now on my second of the night.
Turkey is set. November 30th through December 11th, dad, BIL and I will be in Turkey. Yay!

BIL has spent a considerable amount of time in that country and speaks the language; he really has no interest in visiting other places. I'm going because, well, I can. Dad is going because he's retired and bored.

No set itinirary; there probably won't ever be one.
Update on the car: The original guy is going to call me when he has a 'for sure for sure' date. In November.

I'm not a super happy girl tonight.

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