Corporate Peon

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I was surprised by how much I liked having someone to shop with, eat with, talk to. I was surprised by how much I liked having someone in my home. I was surprised by how much I missed that.

I was pleased by how little of the conversation centered around the past. Sure, the exes all got a mention and an update where warranted; in a sense, we all grew up with those boys. With one notable exception - me - all of the girls are happier with their current partners than with the exes, and that was nice to see.

I laughed to see so much of me in each of them at various times, and yet, there are so many differences, too.

They met BBB, on their request, and I'm not sure how I (or he) felt about that. They know we're not dating, and I think they just wanted to meet someone I feel close to, regardless of whether it's a bf or not. They liked him; they felt he was polite, and funny, and were impressed by how social he was with girls he had just met. They also felt he was more touchy-feely and attentive to me than someone would be who wasn't interested, but as this isn't high school, there's no stock in what they said.

While they each have things I covet - a home, a husband, a dog - there are things I don't want that they have, too. A stepdaughter, though she's great. A house that's in the boondocks. A husband who's a jerk. And I'm not naive enough to think that they don't want some of what I have, either.

None of us would ever trade.

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