Corporate Peon: November 2004

Monday, November 29, 2004

Attention! Italy Posts Below!

There are about a half-dozen to a dozen posts below from Italy, all with pics. Some of the posts are verbatim journal entries; some are paraphrased entries; some are just me rambling.

As I took 7 rolls of film on my trip, this is just a small snippet of shots. I don't have a digital cam and didn't get CDs of the shots, so these are some of what I scanned in while at the 'rents over Thanksgiving.

Hope you enjoy!

Monument of Emmanual Vittorie

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I didn't spell that right, but it's close. This was in Rome, and it was a beautiful monument. The two statues at the very top are of horse chariots. The one in the middle is a single horse with rider. There are two eternal flames here, guarded by two soldiers with guns, who guard the flames day and night. There are about 7 different levels to this monument, and though it's in the middle of a large and busy traffic circle, the views of the city are magnificent. The pillars that you see in the front form one wall of a large hall that you can walk through, with a carved and ornate ceiling and detailed wall decorations.


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I loved the coliseum - can you tell? It was just so amazing what happened there, and how different things are now. Can you imagine, in today's world, a place where people would cheer on and watch happily as people were torn apart in front of their eyes by animals? Makes me wonder what traditions we currently have that will seem barbaric a few hundred years from now.

Basilica de San Marco

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This is part of the church at San Marco square in Venice. Yes, it was beautiful. There were multiple 'peaks' like this one, all with ornate doorways below frescoed paintings, still intact, which lay below glass-and-statue-topped peaks. I was blown away by the detail and beauty of these buildings. Not to mention, their longevity. How is it that these buildings are still standing? I mean, these were built by hand. No power tools, no fancy drill bits to accomplish this. Why is it, that with all our techy tools, we don't build beautiful things? How is it that they're still intact, with delicate glasswork and statues and altars and frescoes? Seriously. It's a serious question. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. These buildings have withstood weather and people and years...and they're still immense and beautiful and breath-taking. Why don't we (Americans) have buildings like this? Why are the majority of our buildings utilitarian and cold and austere?

I should have scanned in more pictures. Maybe I'll get some more online to show you.

Coliseum at night Posted by Hello


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This is the inside of the Coliseum at Rome. I shelled out some additional bucks for a guided tour, and I'm glad I did, for she gave lots of neat info. See the rows at the bottom? Those were little tunnels, under which men would have animals - lions and tigers no bears, oh my! - and at certain times, the men would pull ropes that would act as pulleys and hoist the animals up to the floor of the stadium (which was covered with sand), where they [animals] would pop through the floor and begin terrorizing the gladiators.

See the door that the walkway leads to? That's where all dead bodies - animal and human alike - were carried out. Can you imagine being one of the last gladiators of a day's fight? The ground would be all bloodied and bone-strewn...the animals would be really pissed off - and the crowds would be cheering for the animals, not for you.

The stadium had marble seats back in the day. The Emperor would sit at the bottom, 'protected' by a tall screen, and the people would fill in the stadium seats. The women would sit on a lower level than the men, so that the men could overlook the women and make sure nothing funny went on.

Day 10, Florence

Posted by Hello This is Andrew, the boy I crushed on, even though he looks dorky here. Yep, this is the infamous drunk night.


Ugh. Am sitting in hostel, trying to get stomach under enough control so I'll feel okay going out.

Anyway, back to the subject of Pisa. How did they build the tower? Why? Who's to say it won't topple over someday?

It was hard going around and around the slippery stairs. Will the steps continue to be worn down? What then?

Foreign Friends

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Andrew from St. Louis, Kolbe from Washington, Pardee from Canada, Timmy from Sweden


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This was a statue in Florence that I liked. Triton looks so imposing. There was nothing there to say what the statue was about, or why it was there, in the middle of a square, but something about it struck me.

Day 9, Pisa

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(This picture's a little lopsided. The church is not actually titled, only the tower. So if you rotate the church to flat-level in your mind, then the tower REALLY leans).

On train to Pisa. Walked around Florence a bit this morning. Had breakfast at hostel with Sabine, a German living in Naples to teach German as second language. Played cards with her last night, along with Timmy from Sweden, Pardee from Canada, Hosea from CA but in school at Florence (what can you do with an art degree?), Kolbe from WA who has a degree in techtronics (?), and Andrew from St. Louis. Seems like a lot of people I've met so far are here for reasons similar to mine: Why not? Some have quit their jobs and just up and left. Isn't leaving that way, for months on end, irresponsible? I understand that 2 weeks isn't very long, but...don't they need security and future plans - and money??? Don't they have people they miss? Who miss them?

I think I smell.


On train back to Florence. Walked around the city of Pisa for a bit - quite pretty, esp. down by river Arno. Walking along and all of a sudden, the church courtyard comes into view - big, white and beautiful.

Climbed the leaning tower - 300 steps. Two concentric circles, inside which lies a winding staircase. All stone (marble?). All smooth and cold to the touch. Each step had a slight indentation in the middle, no doubt caused by the thousands of footsteps that have been there before me. The view from the tower - amazing. Am I using that word too much? I didn't climb to the 8th cornice, as the lean is quite noticeable from the 7th and you basically have to circle the 7th floor then climb up a ladder to get to the very top. My 'thing' (truly a fear?) definitely kicked in. How did they haul bells up there???

Day 8, Florence

Posted by Hello Spent last night in a hotel here in Florence; tonight, however, am in Hostello Archi Rossi. Saw a lot today - took hop-on, hop-off bus that tours you around the city. Saw the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence, and the only one spared by Hitler. Lots of gold shops there now; and one man, in a tux, playing the flute beautifully for money, as they do in subway stations. What's that called again? Bussing?

Saw the David at Museo d'Accademia. Such an unassuming place for the treasures it holds! David was...immense. Detailed. Amazing. Michangelo was 29 when he finished. The detail really amazed me - bones, muscles, tension in arms and legs...And so tall! Didn't realize it was David of David & Goliath; that's a slingshot he's holding.

Went yesterday to a neat da Vinci museum. Had models, some interactive, of his creations. Pulleys and cranes and water wheels and ball bearings - a lot more than I knew him for.

Also saw mummification exhibit - in a church! Not quite sure why, but I went! They used to take brains out through nostrils with curved tools. Also poured walnut oil (I think) into anus and capped it, then later let fluids, organs drain out through hole. Nasty!

What else have I done...found church right away (basilica di san lorenzo). Did not climb 463 steps into dome that was painted by Michaneglo, but was tempted.

Sunday, November 28, 2004


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Burano is an island north of Venice. They make lace there. The houses were all painted different colors, as you can see above. They were beautiful, especially when the sun set on the island. The lace items were beautiful, too, but lace isn't so much my thing.

Murano is a different island, also north of Venice. They make glass there. I sat, transfixed, and watched a guy make swans. He made pair after pair of glass swans, and the half-circle base that he stuck them too. I was so transfixed that I didn't even think to take pictures! It was amazing how quickly he turned the pieces out.

Some of the items were AMAZING, since I seem to use that word a lot. Colored glass vases...sculptures...and my favorites, mirrors that were edged in glass pieces and designs. I was too cheap to buy any, however, as they were even out of the range that I had talked myself into.

Picture for Seth!

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Seth, this is the first of two Ferragamo stores I saw. Also saw Gucci, Prada, Yves St. Laurent, Bogetta Veneta, Ferrari...went to an 'outlet' mall outside Florence, where the prices were still staggering. Fun to look, though!


VenicePosted by Hello

Day 6, Venice

Posted by Hello Saw these 'clowns' as I stepped off the ferry at St. Mark's square.

I'm sitting outside the basilica of St. Mark, listening to a piano player, eating my first gelato of the trip - coconut and caffe, 2 scoop minimum. If ice cream tasted like this gelato, I'd gladly rethink my stand.The church is amazing, of course, and saw the Palazzo Ducale (the doge's palace) as well, as they form the piazzo San Marco. Lots of pigeons - they will actually land on a person, which I find horrifying, but lots of people are taking advantage of that for photo ops.

Walked around Venice this a.m., then took a ferry (vaporetti - technically 'water bus') here, where I walked around more. Saw another church, St. Pietro de Castello. Again, amazing. Words can't describe the awe these churches bring. I wish they [words] could.

Hotel ground floor was flooded this morning. I rolled up my pant legs and waded out. Who knows how long I would have been there had I waited? It was an adventure, and luckily a short one - water was down at bridge.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Lake Como, 2

Posted by Hello Couldn't figure out how to link this to the post.

Day 4 - Lake Como

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Am on train to Como - I think! Trains are prompt, that's for sure, if not confusing. Saw duomo (church) in Milan yesterday - amazes me how it took almost 500 years to build - and how it's still standing today! And, how intricate it is.


Made it to Como. Walked around town a bit, then made my way to the lakefront, where I walked around a bit more. Did not go on the tram to the top of the mountain!

Did take a boat around the lake. Beautiful houses on the water, though the modern city's edge reaches right up to them. I, of course, had to sit in the uncovered part of the boat - easier to take pictures. I got soaked! The water was cold and hard and at first it was just a few sprays, and I felt awake and alive, but soon I felt drenched and chilly! I had to laugh, because really - what else could I do?

Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Toothpick

As is tradition in our family, Thanksgiving dinner is held around 4pm, and instead of lunch, we have some designated snacks to tide us over.

As I was eagerly partaking of the summer sausage, corned beef, carrots, crackers, cheese and dip yesterday, I suddenly became aware of something...not right in my mouth.

I reached in - discretely, of course - to pull out a toothpick. Or rather, part of a toothpick. In my haste to scarf as much food as possible, I had eaten - and swallowed - more than half of a toothpick.

Whoops. Good thing there was more sausage to wash it down with.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


There is almost literally NO ONE in the office today. We get to wear jeans, but the thing with jeans day is, we can't every wear 'gym shoes' with them. Now, I RARELY wear gym shoes with jeans anyway, but apparently this is a big deal to the rest of the masses. Whatever. I'm in my black boots with the 2.5 inch stacked heel. I buy boots like this every year, for I tend to wear mine out every year. I've been known to have them reheeled, and I've even been known to stand on the sidewalk, drunk, with one boot off, exclaiming 'There's a nail in here!'

So, yeah. Expect lots of little weird snippets from me today.

I'm not a coffee drinker. Love the smell, hate the taste. But while on the airplane, it was chilly, so I had some. Turns out, add lots o'sugar, add little cream, and it's not half-bad. So I went down to the cafeteria yesterday morning in search of some.

They have about 10 different kinds. Four different cappucino kinds; 2 different 'plain' blends; and about 4 Starbucks kinds. I opted for the white chocolate cappucino.

Oh. My. GAWDDDDDDDDD!!! That is some yummy shit. I already had one today, and I've been here not quite an hour yet.

I got my nails done last night. I really wanted a pedicure, as my feet were hurting like a mofo and they always do some massaging, but it was actually almost as pricey to get a mani & pedi than just a mani. I used to go to a chain of ritzy places, where I would pay $50 - without tip - just for a pedi. Now I go to a little hole-in-the-wall, run by Asian ladies who have a cute dog that runs around, and I paid less than $50 for a mani, pedi, AND tip. Yeah, I'm cool. Anyway, I'm sporting a nice French manicure on my hands now and I'm feeling very good about it. My toenails are a pretty, bright pink. :) Sometimes it's fun feeling feminine.

I have a friend's wedding ceremony/thing to go to Friday night. She got married over Labor Day in Atlanta, but as I was just out of surgery, I opted out. This is now the 'in-state' reception for all those not invited/unable to come to the actual wedding. I'm sure it will be fun, and I'll catch up with some people, but...after two days of lounging around in my sweats, I don't really relish getting all dolled up and leaving the comforts of home.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Outwitting the PH Police Department

Don't worry, it can't be done. Here's an example of how my own stupidity causes me to blame the bureacrats.

April 2004: Katey sends in a check to renew her license/plates. She sends in the amount specified based on the criteria given and by the specified due date.

Katey's check gets returned, saying that as she didn't have a city sticker last year (when she was a resident of a different city), she needs to purchase one, meaning she owes more than was originally specified and submitted.

Katey submits the revised amount.

June 2004: Katey gets a ticket while parked in her building's lot. Violation? Not having a city sticker.

July 2004: Katey pays the fine for the ticket. But, she pays it late, thereby doubling the fine.

Katey forgets about ticket and sticker, which has yet to appear.

November 21, 2004: Katey finds a second ticket on her car. Transgression? Yep, no city sticker. Ticket is due by November 20, 2004.

November 23, 2004: Katey receives a notice stating that her ticket is now past due and the fine has doubled.

Katey digs up cancelled check from the payment of the original ticket. Takes that, second ticket, and notice to the police station.

The woman police officer (WPO) explains - though not exactly politely - that the ticket was for not having the sticker. The sticker still needs to be purchased from city hall. Katey asks how she was to know this, being new to the city, and seeing as how she has already submitted money towards this. WPO shrugs. The sticker, as it is now past due, is now doubled in cost. Katey asks where city hall is and is told that they were closed and she would not be able to purchase sticker today.

Katey then states that she was out of the town - natch, the COUNTRY - during the time of the second ticket. She explains (multiple times) that she was not back until after the ticket was due to be paid, thereby not allowing her even the option of paying it on time. WPO asks for proof of the time out of country. Katey digs through her wallet and finds a receipt from Rome, dated November 18th. She finds another, dated November 17th. WPO accepts that as proof.

WPO then makes a proposition: If Katey can pay for the sticker ($60) AND the ticket ($50) right then and there, WPO will mark the second ticket down to $12. Katey kisses ass and agrees wholeheartedly. Katey whips out her debit card.

WPO explains that they only take checks or cash. Katey doesn't carry checks and has $4 cash.

So now, Katey has to make a special trip back to the police station tomorrow, instead of hauling ass out of town directly after work, which will be a short day as it's a holiday eve.

The moral of this story? Sometimes you just gotta bend over and take it (and that's a Pappa Peon quote).

Monday, November 22, 2004

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Alright kids. I want to write, but I can't settle on a topic. I have about 10 posts saved, but some are too dark for me to post now, and some need follow-ups, and some just aren't coherent to anyone but me.

So, whadya wanna know? Whadya wanna hear about? No holds barred.

Italian Minutiae

Taken from :

November 18 – Free MTV Mega Concert in front of the Roman Coliseum
Set to be the best modern music Rome has possibly ever seen, a free mega concert at the ancient Roman Coliseum will be held in conjunction with MTV European Music Awards. A dozen artists will perform live on a massive stage at the base of the giant amphitheater and the award ceremony performances will be broadcast by live link on giant screens along the via dei Fori Imperiali. Performers include the Cure, Anastacia, Eminem, Gwen Stefani, Nelly, Beastie Boys, Maroon 5, the Hives, Ailcia Keys, and more. The whole week starting November 11 has been dubbed “Music Pollination Week” and will bring music to the capital like never before.

Yep, I got caught in this. Had I known who all was going to perform, I would have stuck around. However, it was nearing night when I got caught in the throngs, no one I recognized was on stage, and the only way I knew to get home was blocked off, leaving me to find a detour, alone, at night, in a foreign city.

It was a beautiful night; the crowd was peaceful and animated, with their open bottles and pot. I took some pictures of the stage, positioned just in front of the Coliseum, which made for an interesting juxtaposition. Most of the sites provided a definite mix of ancient and modern, of which I was fascinated. How can a church in Milan that took 500 years to be built (ending in the 1700s) garner views of next-door's rooftop hotel garden?

Can't wait to get my pictures and create something to share with you all.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Booty Call

Yes, it's quarter to 4 in the morning, and I have a booty call coming over. Very long story, and I'm a wee bit nervous, as I haven't seen this guy in a couple years and actually only met him once, but...It's about time I get some!

More tomorrow.


Saturday, November 20, 2004

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig...

...and it's good to be home. I'm showered and cleaned and fed, though instant rice just doesn't compare. I tried to sleep, but it wasn't working for me. I'm sure I'll hit the hay hard in a couple hours.

I've got a half-dozen rolls of film to develop; hopefully I'll have them by this Wednesday, when I can use dad's scanner to get a photoblog going. I may be tricky and get the pics on CD, but that might be more than I can handle.

I need a pedicure and a foot rub, preferably in that order, so that whomever does the rubbing doesn't get all skeeved out. I know, sounds tempting, doesn't it? Any takers? Form a line, no need to shove.

Alright, I think it's bedtime for this bonzo. Thanks for the well wishes and the check-ins. I missed you. It's good to be home.

Friday, November 19, 2004


It's my last night here in Italy, and I must confess, I'm ready to go home. It struck me today, walking around, that it's quite strange to go for weeks on end with ZERO chance of running into anyone who knows you. Of course, the irony isn't lost on me - I basically live that way at home, too.

At any rate, I'm beyond tired. My two days here have been full: seen the Colleseum (sp), the Pantheon (not to be confused with the Parthenon), Castel d'Angelo, Vatican City (including the Sistine Chapel), ruins of the Ancient City, part of some concert at the Collesium that I think was tied to MTV, the piazza de St Pietro, the Spanish Steps, and gotten lost numerous times. I've seen more fancy shops - Prada, Gucci, Yves St Laurent, Mont Blanc, Ferrari, and others that I'm forgetting. Taken the metro 2x.

I'm in the common room of the hostel now, smoking intermittently (Davidoff menthols) and talking with an Aussie sitting next to me. I have a super early flight in the morning - need to be on a train around 5am - and may well stay up all night to avoid my fear of oversleeping.

I've been lonely on this trip. Don't get me wrong, that's part of why I go - to be alone with myself and my thoughts and force myself to do some hardcore soul searching. But I didn't find anything new though, other than that I'm disgruntled with myself and my current life and I don't know how to remedy that, for I don't know the root problem. But that's definitely old news.

The hostel in Florence encouraged graffiti and had walls and walls covered with code words, phrases, cartoons, etc. I added this psuedo-poignant bit: "Katey was here looking; For what, she did not know; and thus, she did not find." Trips like this replenish my self-esteem to a degree, they help me realize that I am capable and able and self-sufficient, but that doesn't last for long. Everyone tells me how independent I must be, to do trips like this, but the truth is, I'd rather be a little dependent now and again. I'm independent 100% of the time because I HAVE to be. When do I get to relax and depend on someone else, if even for just a short while?

I'm rambling now and getting a bit morbid, which is not my intent. I am looking for something, though, and I still don't know what it is. That magic change, that revelation, that if only I do/don't do/become/stop being _______, then I'll find happiness. I keep looking for that revelation, but I think it's safe to say it's not in Italy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


One half bottle white wine with dinner

One shot lemoncello

One Smirnoff ice

One half of a Heineken 40

Four tequila sunrises

One shot amaretto

One beer

What does that equal?

One Katey, hanging around the hostel until 1:30 in the afternoon, because she needs easy access to the porcelain throne. I think I'm finally safe to go outside...

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Florence - Updated

Yes, Iàve survived the rains of Venice and made it to Florence! Venice was absolutely AMAZINg but I must stay I tired of the rain. More than once did I pull up my pant legs to wade out from my hotel in the a.m. But, it was very neat to see and watch and learn and eat. Iàve met a few folks that have been fun for late night chats and smokes and giggles.

Got into Florence about an hour ago - the hostel I wanted to stay it, for Iàve heard itàs very social (and cheap) and has FREE internet etc etc was full, so Iàm at a hotel next door, but hopeful,y only for tonight. Itàs absolutely beautiful weather here - no coat! Which is a nice change from the constant chill that Venice had.

But seriously, besides the rain and the wetness of Venice, it was amazing. I did not take any gondala rides, as 1) Iàm far too cheap, 2) I didnàt see many actually running, and 3) I took the cheaper vaporetti (ferry) everywhere I needed to be. Of course, I walked a lot too, and part of the fun is in getting lost and seeing things you wouldnàt see if you stayed on the natural path. I saw some glass-makers at Murano yesterday - was told that itàs 40 years in the biz to become a professional. And the glass works were amazing, of course. Burano had brightly painted houses amidst bridges and water and sunsets and handmade lace, that was beautiful also, of course.

I plan on taking a quick trip to Pisa - gotta see that leaning tower - and perhaps do some shopping while Iàm here as well. Thereàs the Effuzi, of course, to see, and David (the closest thing to a naked man Iàll have in quite some time), and probably a couple more churches and museums along the way also.

Iàve taken roll after roll of pictures and am hoping that some of them are halfway decent. Iàll be scrounging around for help with a photo blog when Iàm back, so you techies, consider yourselves warned!


Sunday, 6pm

Okay, since I canàt get AOL to work (ah, but later I did), you folks are the only one that will benefit of my time at the computer. I am at the hostel in Florence and have had a BUSY day! Iàve seen the ponte viechhio (sp), watched and listened to a man in a tux play flute on the bridge, took a bus ride alll around the city and into phase'illo (not what itàs called, but itàs howit sounds), seen Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada shops, went to the museo with David, saw the bronze David nearby - not even a close comparison - decided not to wait in the 2hr line for the Effuzi museu, and it seems like thereàs more, but thatàs about it. One of these days Iàm going to find that goddamn apostrophe symbol on the european keyboard! (yeah, so I did, but I'm not about to edit this message! You'll love me anyway...right?)

Had the MOST amazing dinner last night - vegetable soup, bread, salad, a quarter liter of wine, and veal scallopine (yummy lil cows) for a measly £10 or whatever the euro sign is. I console myself with thinking Iàm walking quite a bit, which I am, but the food is to. die. for.

Back in less than a week. Hope ya'll are being good to each other (with the exception of Jamie & Geek, who I hope are being BAD! to each other).

Saturday, November 06, 2004

And...she's off!

Alright kids, I leave in about 30 minutes. I'll check in when I can (assuming some hairy Italian men haven't ensconced me as their love slave), so be on the lookout!

Play nice with each other!


Friday, November 05, 2004


I'm tired. I know I said I would write about my near-lesbian experience, but that'll have to wait until morning. I had dinner out tonight with my married friends, S & M (seriously) from college. They are one married couple that I like, both individually and together. It was going to be an early dinner - the plan was to meet at 6 - but stupid S was late so we didn't get outta there until around 9ish.

Then, it was back to my place for beer and store-bought pie. This is actually one of the first times I've had anyone non-family to my place. Sure, my best friend has been here, and there was that asshole I was seeing this spring, but...that's it. There are reasons for that, but they're boring and long and I'm not going there now.

So anyway, now it's almost 11pm, and I'm tired, and I still haven't packed, and I'm going to bed.

I'll be sure and post SOMETHING before I leave you all tomorrow!


1. Not shorts as in, short pants, but shorts, as in snippets.

2. I've had two yummy pumpkin-ish muffin tops today, with powdered sugar on them. MMMM!

3. I (stupidly) agreed to (stupid) dinner plans tonight with some married friends of mine. They're nice people, and we get together every month or so, and I'm sure it will be a good time, it's just stupid, bad timing. Not to mention, since we're eating near my place, and they've never been to my place, I (stupidly) offered to have (stupid) dessert back at my (stupid) place. The place is sorta clean, though the (stupid) dishwasher ain't working too well, so dishes are lining the counter, waiting to be handwashed, and I need to pick up a dessert and some beer after work...ugh! But, I figured when making the plans, that I probably wouldn't be packing during that time ANYWAY, so might as well enjoy myself!

4. I'm done with work. Have managed to get some things done today despite my objections to working. I have NO motivation and the woman across the aisle from me, who's taken one of my projects, is driving me batty. If she's got the project now...she should handle it how she wants! I don't need to hear how she's going to do or not do certain things. I really am out the door, mentally, already.

5. I did 5 loads of laundry last night. I dream of the day I'll have my own washer and dryer.

6. I've decided that I will write about my almost-lesbian experience. It's not as hot as it sounds, and I totally chickened out because the woman really annoyed me, but it's gotta happen sooner or later, right? Right?

7. YAY!!!!!! I just got confirmation for my hotel in Milan! Nothing like the last minute, right? I mean, I'll only need a place to sleep come SUNDAY! I would do the hostel route but I've heard many bad things from many different sources about the few hostels Milan has to offer. So, I'm doing a hotel. It's a bit more expensive than I would have liked, but breakfast is included, I'll have my own room and bathroom, and it will offer some security. So I'm fine with that!
More later, perhaps...

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I've Been Slurped!

As I was standing at the filing cabinet perusing the selection of candy someone spread there, a guy I don't know came up next to me to also peruse.

We exchanged 'good mornings;' he then said, "Ooh, Skittles. Slurp slurp slurp."

It's the most action I've gotten since, well, in a while.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


This isn't a political post, so if that's what you're looking for, go away. If you're looking for a little escapism, stick around.

I came home tonight after my final in Legal and Social Environment of Law, entered the building, and as I got my mail, I saw a slight looking, older man struggling with a TV. The TV was probably a 32" - not gigantic, but TVs weigh a ton. The guy was trying to open the elevator door and lift the TV off the floor before the doors closed.

I ran over and said, "You grab the heavy stuff, I'll hold the doors." I know, how generous of me. So we get inside, I hit the button for his (my) floor, and just as the doors are closing...


The doors open, and there is a woman with a small - 2 or 3-ish? - child. They climb on, and hit the button for the 2nd floor.

The guy is struggling with the TV, and as our companions exit the elevator on the 2nd floor, and the doors again start to close...a big, burly guy says "Wait!" and holds the door open.

He steps on and hits the button for the 3rd floor. Turns to the guy holding the TV and asks, "Hey. You got that?" Then he exits on his floor.


This rant brought to you by the K pie.

Oh, and if you have to ask THREE SEPARATE QUESTIONS about which day is which (What's this Friday? What day is the 8th? When is the 4th?), then you SO NEED A FUCKING CALENDAR!!!!!!!!!

This mini-rant brought to you by the letters FU.

Monday, November 01, 2004


I'm being held back from publishing items at work because my 'counterpart' hasn't done her changes yet and wants to be in sync with me. So, I'm sitting here, unable to pass my info along and get my signoff and thus move forward, because my team member doesn't want to look bad compared to me.

And the guy I backed up last week is back. His shitty project has now fallen further behind, and he's spending time telling me that I'm not in a joking mood. Well no shit, sherlock! I worked hard for you last week. Don't throw that away.

I got email tonight from someone saying, "I'm not sure if you're still in charge of this project, but I haven't received anything from you on it." Well, let's see here...maybe that's because I sent you an email 3 WEEKS ago, asking for contact names from your area. Did I hear from you? Nooooooooo.

I am so painfully aware that I'm not perfect. But I do a damn good job and that's important to me, and I don't tolerate those who do a half-assed job and act as if they're being put out by doing so.

And then there's the flip side.

I don't have 3 kids, all under the age of 5. I don't have the stigma, if there is one, of working without a college education. I don't have a two-hour commute. Each way.

I do have an upper-middle class, white-bred existence and all the opportunities that implies.

I need to be less of a judgemental bitch.

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